About Us

TechNorth Corp. is an importer and wholesaler of electronics devices, strategically located in the North Miami area.

objetiveSince its inception it was strengthened as a wholesaler for the Latin American region, mainly to the markets of Uruguay and Brazil. It has a solid infrastructure and a qualified staff of professionals, technicians, analysts, engineers and designers to allow the company to assure its customers the best service.

To be at the forefront in technology, it has a wide range of products from top global brands, importing of latest releases.

It is representative and distributor of the North-Tech brand for Latin America.

North-Tech is a young and vibrant brand that manufactures electronic products under art protocols
highest international quality. 



Its more than seven years of experience positioning it as one of the most innovative brands in the market,
and its extensive catalog allows you to meet the needs of both companies and final consumers.



Provide our customers the best possible solutions in electronics and technology, taking care of the import, distribution and promotion of the best brands. Being a direct channel for companies engaged in distribution and wholesale of the item.


progressBeing a company at the forefront of electronic products, cooperating closely with our customers by providing the best choice in all aspects of our service. Having a supportive, professional and highly qualified human group, committed to the aims of the company.

Values ​​and principles

Support and seek better work for our staff, who serves as having maximum teamwork, respect, communication and responsibility, complementing the pursuit of common objectives directed towards our customers.


Achieve steady development and strengthening ties with our suppliers and customers, looking for the mutually beneficial relationship and mutual trust.